Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Warm Welcome

When I tell the girls Ebby is coming over to see them, 
this is what they do....

Run to the front door & on their tippy toes 
they look patiently out the windows until they see her coming!

Then laughter erupts & big smiles when she arrives.

We had such a great mini vacation. 4 days away from the girls was the longest we have been apart but Tyler & Harper did just fine and had a great time with Ebby, Big Poppy, Aunt Jacquelyn & Uncle Buck. And their parents loved having some time to sit on the beach with friends!

The girls had a playdate with sweet Jane, went to feed the ducks, ate out for lunch and dinner a bunch, hit up the grocery store for goodies and played inside some because of all the rain. 

We are glad to be home now & spending time with our little girls again. We sure did miss them!

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