Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breaking Free...

After a few days of being housebound by the ice & snow and spending our days in pj's, the ice has finally started to melt & we are breaking free! Mommy was starting to have a breakdown with the amount of Beauty & the Beast we watched, the ridiculous amount of toys that were everywhere in the house and the number of times we played grocery store.

The snow tent... lazy days!

Now that it is time to enter the real world again, kids have to get dressed. This morning I told the girls they could pick out whatever they wanted. They both went straight for their new Christmas cardigans... they put them on and proudly said "I look cute in Tory Burch!" Why yes you do girls, poor Daddy.

"I look cute, do you look cute?"



Cheese. We have got to work on this!

And now some Court sweetness...
Hi there!

I am the happiest kid in the world!
Especially now that I was actually let out of the house for the first time since Sunday.
What a long week. Pretty excited tomorrow is Friday!

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