Sunday, January 23, 2011

Imaginations Running Wild

On a whim we decided to pack up Saturday morning for a fun day at Discovery Place Kids. A little bit of a drive but completely geared at kids Tyler, Harper & Court's age so we decided to see what it was all about.... The minute we walked in I knew we would be there for hours. Such a fun day filled with lots of smiles and a place where their imaginations ran wild!

Court at the water table

Harper driving the boat, practicing up for this summer!

Tyler grocery shopping. A job she takes very seriously!

In the ambulance taking care of the patient.

Tyler checking out Daddy's blood pressure.

Picking apples.

Harper in the chicken coop!

Yep, he was in heaven! Splash, splash, splash.

The 2 monkeys in polka dots going up to the top.

Court driving the tractor.

Harper cooking up lunch.

Tyler getting in on the water table action.

Exploring the submarine.

Totally worth the 25 minute drive just to have Court happy as a clam contained in a chair for over an hour splashing to his heart's content. We will be back!

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