Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, Snow & more Snow!

So far this winter we have had a TON of snow! It was pretty great the first few times but after time & time again of getting 3 kids bundled up to go out and play for a little while then to come back in and thaw out only long enough for them to want to go back out again, we are all dreaming of spring days. Hoping these will be our last snow photos until next year, fingers crossed! The kids sure did not mind waking up to 5+ inches of snow though...

Good Morning, hello Snow!




Off to walk the girls babies...

Court was in heaven. Loving playing in the snow.

Tyler, all smiles!

Court all bundled up in about 10 layers!

Harper & her Coco

The never-ending walk home... a solid hour to go around the block.

The cold little bear!

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