Monday, January 17, 2011

Keeping Busy!

We have been keeping busy! Busy at life with 3 kids, it certainly never stops. We are having a great time and Court is more enamored with his cool big sisters every day. He follows them as fast as he can crawling like a mad man to keep up. Its pretty sweet to watch the three of them together. Harper likes to sing to him. Tyler likes to cuddle with him. He is a pretty lucky guy with two wonderful big sisters.

Hmmm.... who is a little behind on pictures?
Over 1,000 pictures to label and put in kids albums.
(and this is only 3 months worth)
November & December pictures have not even arrived yet. HELP!

Court's last bottle of formula.
We have been 24 hours on just whole milk in bottles.
Now lets see if we can get rid of the bottles before he turns 1 in 9 days. Sippy Cup boot camp is coming up

I love when I can catch them holding hands and doing sweet things together.

Monumental day here...
All of our kids wore jeans for the first time.

Smile pretty & we will give you a gummy bear.
Tyler (L) & Harper (R)

Alright... back to labeling photos!

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Brooke Hall said...

court looks SO cute in those jeans! and they are going to look even cooler with the shoes i ordered today!