Thursday, October 13, 2011

An eventful 24 hours!

Our little rockstar Court had a very eventful 24 hour span...

1st Panthers Game!
Daddy had an extra ticket to the Panther game so Court got to tag along with Dad and his clients. Sat through the whole game and had a blast! The game was from 1-4, aka nap time for our little mister but he rallied through. Girls were just a tad jealous...

Guess he cheered so much he sacked out on the way home.
Then he slept for most of Liza's birthday party.
He woke up just in time to eat a cupcake- of course!
First non-crib nap in a long, long time!!!

Ear tube surgery #2!
The Courtster had a very early morning appointment the next day. He also had his adenoids removed since they were enlarged ~ and fingers crossed this helps his growth a bit. What a trooper. No food or drink after midnight and he was just as happy as could be holding onto his trains and entertaining all the nurses while Mommy & Daddy snuggled with him.

Surgery went well and is already back to his old self! We are hoping this is our last time in the operating room for quite a while!

This is from ear tube surgery #1... he was a chunky monkey back then!

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