Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend Fun!

We were party hoppin' this weekend. Every night and each morning and afternoon were filled with lots of Halloween fun. Thank goodness tomorrow marks a new month and hopefully a little slower pace. It has been great though and the girls are especially into Halloween this year, well how could they not be? Court's favorite thing about Halloween is driving around after bedtime checking out all of the neighborhood decorations... the scarier the better for this little guy. This was the girls favorite thing to do at his age so we have had a few nights where we have waited until it got dark then drove around looking for ghosts & goblins, scary monsters, glowing pumpkins and spooky spiders. A big hit!

King Tut & Cleopatra, Kate & William

Fun night! No kids allowed!

Then these are the only other photos from the weekend...
Christ Church Fall festival.
Girls decorating cookies.

Candy & icing at 10am- yes please!

A little pumpkin decorating!

Just two more events to survive... girls halloween party I am in charge of then a neighborhood party followed by lots of trick or treating!

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