Saturday, October 8, 2011

Little Bugs

I love Friday mornings... it is the only day of the week where we are not rushing around getting ready for school, packing lunches and cramming in a quick breakfast. Friday mornings usually start with quite a few morning cartoons, a big breakfast of eggs & bacon and lazy cuddle time in bed with pj's on until at least 10am. It is so nice to have a day with all 3 at home and we usually take a group vote on what the activity will be that day. This past Friday it was a decision to head to the nature museum.

A 2 headed bug.

Oooh, a big turtle!
Girls dressed themselves that day- can you tell?
Court was obsessed with the "tuh tell"

So sweet & gentle with the butterflies.

Tyler checking out the snake.

Harper looking at the fish.

And the best surprise of all... a picnic lunch date with Daddy at the park.
I love Fridays!

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