Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Party Circuit

This may be the most candy-filled week of the year... the week before October 31 where our days are packed with fun Halloween festivities. Before the big day we will actually attend 10 Halloween parties with only one of those being adults only! Kids are already starting to ask for candy corn for breakfast and Mom's energy is running low. Good thing we have plenty of sugar on hand to keep me going!

Halloween Playgroup
The original group in the back and all of their younger siblings in the front.

Tyler, the good witch

Harper, the spunky witch

Court & buddy Bridgett
Buddy has been in a sugar coma for 3 days~ too much sugar & no naps
No naps = no smiles!
No fussing but straight up zombie child.

Playgroup 2011
Sophia, Wells, Harper, Taylor, James, Tyler, Carson, Davis, Charlie & Andie

Playgroup 2008- how were they ever this small?

Harper, Court & Tyler

Sporty Courty

CCC Halloween Party




Happy Halloween!

3 down, 7 to go....

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