Monday, April 23, 2012

The day our world stopped...

*Warning, this is a very graphic post. I have debated back and forth about if I should post this but in the end this is all of our kids baby book of sorts and as the doctor put it... "This little boy made your heart stop. It is a miracle that he is ok and when he starts giving you trouble in his teenage years you need to remind him what he put you through" So here it goes...

Time 4:15pm Wednesday April 18th
Text picture sent from the back of the ambulance to his dad who was traveling....

And instead of trying to type out all of the horrific details I am just going to copy the email updates that were sent to friends and family...
Time 11:30pm
Dear.... Thank you all for everything.
Court is one very lucky boy! We are ok, he will be ok.
He is very badly hurt right now and we are all still on a complete roller coaster of emotions.
Basic story is I was folding laundry in my room and the 3 were playing in the girls room on the top bunk. I heard a thud, screaming from the girls etc and ran in to see blood coming out of every possible place you can imagine on courty's face. His eyes, nose, mouth & head all had enormous amounts of thick clotted blood coming out so fast it looked like a murder scene. He had either fallen or jumped and fell from the top bunk unfortunately onto a pile of toys below that included a pink wooden jewelry box and some other non soft toys. The box corner cut his eye lid (I actually thought there was a toy part in his eye bc it swelled up so fast that I thought something had gone through it. I immediately called 911 and we arrived by ambulance at cmc. Something I never want to do again.
After a cat scan they determined that his left eye clavicle is broken (the part that supports your eye ball) and he has air bubbles in his throat. The air was the most concern bc it should not be there. A chest X-ray came back clear so his lungs were ok and after another exam they saw a puncture in the right side of his neck. We just had another ct scan where he was semi conscious swallowing and thankfully that just came back ok. It was a puncture that went all the way through which is what caused the air but luckily missed all major nerves, etc.
So he has a severe concussion. He will be fine. He has a broken left eye socket/clavicle that the plastic surgeon is coming to discuss options in the morning regarding surgery, etc. He is in a neck brace and they are watching for torn ligaments etc. They will dilate his eye in the morning to look behind to see if there is any nerve, vision issues. There is no blood on the front of his eye when the ophthalmologist looked earlier but the concern is behind the eye. He looks like he was in a very bad accident. Very bruised, very swollen, very bloody. But goodness it could be so much worse. His brain is fine! That was the scariest part. He can move everything so no spinal damage. We are all traumatized but ok and so thankful tonight. We are here for a while. Ian is here finally and court is sleeping soundly beside us. I'm sure there is too much info in here on some parts and not enough on others but just wanted to get this out.
I'll keep you all posted & appreciate all the prayers today. They certainly kept us strong & kept our little boy safe.

I'll send more info tomorrow after bloodwork & doctor rounds if I am still functioning at that point.


Thursday, April 19th
Finally saw the plastic surgeon.... No surgery needed. Time will heal & his swelling should go down on its own.

They have decided to release us this afternoon & we will see the opthamologist in the morning to check his vision once the swelling goes down more.

Thank you all for your calls, texts, prayers etc. we are so thankful.
Heading home to REST!!!!

We did find out that the puncture from his neck came from one of the stakes in his canvas toy bin. The long 18" metal ones. I just cannot imagine what could have happened had the fall happened just slightly different than it did with that metal stake at that height. We certainly had someone looking out for this little boy!

Will keep you all posted as we hear more but he is very lucky & we are on the mend!

Friday, April 20th
Court's eye & vision are FINE!
The bones around his eye broke the fall & nothing went into his actual eye ball. The swelling has come down & he just has a very black & blue eye but he is totally Ok! The break will heal, the bruising & swelling will continue to look better. He is sore and is not able to eat anything besides liquid but our tough guy was more concerned about the bruise on his arm from the IV than he was about seeing his big boo boo on his face this morning. 

Thank you all for everything! We are on the mend. This little boy has been through A LOT in his short 2 years and we are hoping for some uneventful years ahead. We appreciate all of your love + support!

Elizabeth & Ian

And this is Court last night, just 4 days after the above events unfolded. Its pretty unbelievable. We are so thankful and are working on trying to move forward. The guilt and what-ifs are still fresh but luckily Court will not remember any of this. I have always had a deep bond with this precious child but lets just say that now... well I can't exactly put it into words.


Brooke Hall said...

I have been waiting everyday to see what you are going to post....he had us all on pins and needles because we love you and him so much....he is a miracle and I can't wait to see him again after seeing him at home the other day-praise the Lord! So so so thankful he is okay after all this....that pic on the ambulance is so scary...

The Mom said...

Oh, Elizabeth! I am so sorry you all had to go through such a traumatic experience. But thank God that sweet little boy is ok. Thinking of you all and sending love! xoxo

Christina said...

Elizabeth and Ian,
I'm so happy that he is ok! How unbelievably scary!!!

jane Morrison said...

So glad to hear Court is ok..!!! I can't imagine going through something like this..Please know we are sending love and hugs to you all..If you all need anything please let us know....xxoo Jane Morrison