Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grumpa & Lib's house

We hopped on down the trail to Grumpa & Libby's house for a visit. Our trip was just at 24 hours and we sure packed a lot in...
I snapped this photo so I can remember that we will not be doing this sleeping arrangement again anytime soon... Court is not old enough to have the freedoms a sleeping bag offers. He was the last one standing at 9pm with his sissies out cold. A few late night tears and he finally fell asleep then rolled around the room all night. One tired Mama the next day...

Libby on 8am morning activity duty.
Watercolor painting for the girls and bubbles for Court.

So determined.

Whoa... I blew a bubble. He was so proud.

Off to the park with Grumpa pulling double swing duty.

Big Boy doing it all by himself!

Thanks for having us!!!

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