Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hippity HOP!

This is probably one of the kids top 10 days of the year... the annual CCC Easter egg hunt. A fun afternoon filled with an endless supply of sweet treats! The girls are PROS by now and Court was ready for some egg huntin' action. He was very serious about grasping his basket & keeping his eye on the prize. Banks was old enough to get in on the fun this year and I think everyone went to bed dreaming of the Easter Bunny!

Cousins ready for the egg hunt!
Court (2), Harper (4), Tyler (4), Banks (1)

Harper & Tyler

Court's reaction to seeing the Easter bunny coming in on s SWAT truck with a police escort, he was in shock and knew this was the real deal...

The Bunny's grand entrance!

And let the hunt begin...
Ages 3+

Court was stuck in the under 2 hunt... not cool.
Under 2 = Empty eggs

Seriously, where are my sisters?



Love this!
Sweet sisters hugging after the hunt. Pure joy.

The Easter Bunny.

Poppy & Court

Ebby & her grankids!

We are in countdown mode to Easter day over here... best behavior for the bunny!

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