Sunday, April 15, 2012


For Christmas we gave the girls a trip to Disney. They were excited but did not really get it at the time. All they knew was that it was important to eat everything on their plates so they would grow big & strong so they would be big enough to ride all of the rides. A great bribe that worked for 3 solid months! Finally the time had come.... their first trip to Disney World. We decided to just spend one day there and pack in as much as we could. Lets just say that the girls outlasted their tired parents by miles. It was a wonderful day and such a special time together with just the 4 of us (Sorry Court you will be included on round 2 in a few years!).

They can hardly contain their excitement upon seeing Cinderella's castle!
Tip: Tyler in green shoes & Harper in pink shoes

First ride "Its a small world"

Waiting in line to ride Winnie the Pooh.
An hour plus wait for a 90 second ride...hmmm.

Teacups with Mom

Harper spinning her heart out!

Tyler & Daddy shooting aliens on Buzz's ride

Hanging with the monsters

Riding the magic carpet ride
Or as the girls called it "Flying Gabets"
(They call all blankets "gaybet"- weird twin thing!)

A long wait to meet Tinkerbell... but wait we were tricked and it was just a regular fairy.
Tyler was not happy. She brought her Tinkerbell doll in to meet her favorite character and was not pleased when she it was an imposter. Nothing a little ice cream could not fix~

Mom & Harper on the Jungle Boat Cruise

Tyler loved all the animals

Dumbo with Daddy

1st trip to Disney

Survived 11+ hours!

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