Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

What an amazing Christmas we had as our first one as a family of 5! Sure feels complete now. The girls were very into Santa this year... making sure we had enough cookies & milk to go around then they were very serious about going right to sleep to make sure the house was quiet so Santa would come. Wish it was Christmas Eve every night, would make bedtime a breeze!

Santa Came!

Court in the ball pit.

Tyler on Christmas morning.

Harper all dressed up as Tinkerbell playing with her new goodies.

Daddy & Court going through the stockings.


Now onto Ebby & Poppy's...
Checking out Court's new ride, a Caterpillar Dump Truck.
He is pretty possesive over it and pushes his sissies hands off when they get too close.

Christmas with Ebby & Poppy

Hanging with the Bucks & the Buck-on-Board

Grumpa & Libby came to celebrate!

Then we hit the road....

With GiGi & Papoo

Court showing off his present... A lifetime Hunting License.
Guess we need to work on walking first!

And lots of pictures to come from our White Christmas... Snow, lots of it!

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