Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early Christmas

This past weekend we traveled around and squeezed in 3 family Christmases in one day... Court was a trooper and skipped his naps all together but managed to fit in a quick snooze on Dad's lap. The girls were a million miles an hour constantly being bribed for good behavior with sugary sweets. It was so nice to see everyone and have a little mini Christmas before the big day.

Court & Daddy. Mid Day Snooze!

Bobo & Harper
The girls love lipstick! They like being Fancy. Ooh la la!

Stafford Christmas 2010

Bobo & her great grandgirls!
New shopping carts for Christmas. A huge hit!

Grumpa & Court
Hmmm, maybe this is where Court's chipmunk cheeks come from?!?!?

The magic of Rudolph!

Who are you calling red nose?

Now onto High Point Christmas....
Celebrating early since Aunt Kristin & Uncle-to-be Nick will not be there on Christmas.

Honey & Court

The crew

New pink computers!
Girls love them and take their "working" very seriously.
Tyler takes her computer to her room and says "Mom, I am busy. I need to do some work"

Court's new lawn mower.

Missy's brilliant idea to bring back the old school name sweatshirts!

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