Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Miracle!

We have been through A LOT these past few days. An emotional roller coaster but we are now going in the direction of a Christmas Miracle. Roughly 36 hours ago Jacquelyn contracted bacterial meningitis for the 2nd time in 10 years. A rare instance in itself but even more rare to get it twice and also while pregnant. It was caught quickly and the 7 month old baby in her tummy seems to be doing just fine. A very scary time that has luckily turned into an early Christmas miracle. So while Aunt Jacquelyn is stuck in the hospital for a while, back to blogging to give her something to read...

Ok, catch up time now... Last week we had one of Court's buddy's Ben's 1st birthday party. A perfect Christmas party complete with Santa and cupcakes.

All the mommas & all the babies with Old St. Nick!

Best buds: Leighton, Lawton & Court

Santa & Court. Not so scary anymore.

Brooke & Lawton, Elizabeth & Reynolds, Mommy & Court

Happy 1st Ben!!!

In other news, we finished up our Holiday Music Together class. Lots of fun.
The crew, not cooperating for a photo.
This was last year.

Monkey Joe's has opened.

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