Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ho Ho Ho!

Tis' the Season for Santa... he is everywhere these days. Girls are loving Santa these days (shocking since this was their reaction last year and this the year before.) But Court, not so much. He smiles for a minute when he first sits down then he turns into a hysterically crying terrified little boy. Its pretty sad but also a little funny.

Santa with Tyler, Court & Harper
Court did not know what was going on until 1 second after this photo was taken then the tears came. Glad the photographer was quick!

Santa= Candy Canes. Score!

Court's first Candy Cane.
Yep, he loved it.

Santa, take 2.
Court knew what was going on right away here.
Excuse the drool on this picture of our picture. Court got hungry.

Can't wait to see how the kiddos react to Santa coming to their house on Sunday for their annual Cookies & Milk party.

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Brooke Hall said...

oh my gaw - court is going to be addicted to candy! you are brave...i gave lawton dang cool whip and he was up for hours - cupcakes are a NO around here! haha!