Thursday, December 30, 2010

Let it SNOW!

The SNOW started on Christmas Eve and about 24 hours later we had more than 6 inches. It was wonderful and all of the kids first White Christmas!!! The pictures speak for themselves... everyone had a blast.

Honey & Court
Christmas Night

Sweet Tyler.

Happy Harper.

Daddy & Tyler.

Mommy & Harper.

Davis, Ann & Court.

Pearce, not a snow dog!
It was above his head in some places.

Doubled up with Pop.

Daddy & Tyler.

Harper & Honey.

Mommy & Harper, or maybe Tyler. Not sure!

The girls with Honey & Pop.

Snow Angels.

Snow Balls.

Winter Wonderland!!!

Snow Day 2010

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Donna said...

Snow is is family. Have a great New Year!!!