Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All in a Day's Work!

The girls dropped their nap this past summer (sigh!)... but we make the most of our busy days. 12 hours straight entertaining two toddlers can be quite the task somedays. Since sweet brother still has a 3 hour power nap in the afternoon we have at least 3 hours a day when the girls need to be entertained (and kept quiet) until we can go out and explore the world. Tyler & Harper love any hands on activity.... they help with folding laundry (even if mom has to re-fold later), they LOVE to have a party ~ all of their dolls lined up with goodies to eat (hmmm... might have gotten the entertaining bug from mom), and cooking!

Decorating Easter Eggs.... over a month to go until the big day & our house is already fully decked out for Easter.

The girls favorite activity at school is any kind of craft. We save these projects for when Court can not get in on the action because baby brother & glue do not go well together. Already been there, done that!

Next up... baking!

Totally into cooking, especially when the end result is yummy cupcakes to eat!

Two girls somehow getting very grown up!

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