Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New 'do!

After about the fifth stranger comment this week saying "How pretty that little girl is..." I decided it was time for our little BOY to get a chop on his long locks. An impromptu run into snip-its (our first non Aunt Jacquelyn kids cut ever.... guess she is busy with 2 week old baby cousin Banks!) and Court walked out, wait scratch that, Court was carried out (still not walking!) a new man with a new 'do! He looks like a little boy all of the sudden.

Court, 14 months. Pink lollipop for good behavior.
A quick phone picture since Mommy finds it pretty hard to juggle 3 kids & a big camera these days.

The mischief makers in the "farm". Our rainy day go-to.
Day 5 of rain around here and a few more days to go.

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