Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Soccer Shots!

The girls started Soccer Shots today. Huge hit & absolutely hysterical to watch a bunch of 3 year olds chasing the ball. The girls love Coach Matt & they were both great soccer players. They listened to directions and then somehow knew just what to do and dribbled the ball and even scored a "goal." Proud Mommy & Baby Bro watched from the sidelines. We may have found our calling.... we shall see.

Warm up... jumping jacks.
Tyler & Harper are in the white shirts, pink stripe pants and ponytails with a bow.

Next up, sprints.

Harper working the moves.

Tyler dribbling, she was really good (for a 3 year old)!

And goal!

Harper needed a little hand holding, but she scored.

Post soccer practice pep talk.
The girls said their favorite part was kicking the ball & the jelly bean Coach Matt gave them at the end of practice. Then they asked if they could go to soccer again tomorrow.

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Emily said...

Coach Matt is the BEST!!