Monday, March 7, 2011

This & That.

A few pictures from the past few days....

Harper & Tyler.
Sweet sisters sharing a snack watching Sesame Street.

Court, all smiles... all the time.

Tyler checking out the turtles.

Harper & her collection of sea life.

Court, finally tall enough to splash at the water table.

Hanging out in the butterfly room.
Girls picking flowers & Court eating them.
I'm surprised they do not lock the door when they see us coming!

And our ALWAYS stocked laundry room actually ran out of supplies this weekend. No pull ups for the girls for bedtime. Good thing they can all fit in the same size diaper for emergencies! Harper was too busy crawling like a baby while we took this picture. Girls thought it was hilarious to wear a diaper again after a year of being potty trained.

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