Thursday, March 3, 2011


The girls have been talking about Cinderella non stop this week. I could not really figure out why because they have never watched the movie but constant chatter around here has been about Cinderella, her blue dress and her yellow hair. Last night I figured out why... Sophie's Mom sent me some pictures from the birthday party the girls were invited to over the weekend while Mom & Dad were away.

I have been told the girls danced away with princess Cinderella and were good as gold. Guess we will be buying the movie soon! And guess that means mom needs to polish up on the Disney princesses.... think the 3 year old girl princess obsession has just hit our house.


The Mom said...

Oh, enjoy it for as long as possible!! Riley informed me about a month ago that she "really isn't into the Princesses anymore. I like Justin Beiber and Hannah Montana". Lord, help me. Hold onto the innocence as long as you can!! p.s. - we still do our Disney Thanksgiving every other year. This is an "on" year and would love for the White's to join us :-) xoxo

macynsmama said...

Oh, how I love this stage! Macyn LOVES all things princesses...we even have princess plastic snack bags! LOL!!! You will know every princess very soon! Hope you are well!