Friday, December 9, 2011

4 Year Old Stats

Our two FOUR year olds had a great check up today.
Harper (L), the spunky one
Tyler (R) the chill one

The girls are both in about the 25th% for height and weight and perfectly healthy. Tyler weighs about a pound more and Harper is about half an inch taller but I think both these measurements may be a little skewed due to being wiggle worms.

Harper is 30.4 lbs and 39" tall. Tyler is 31.2lbs and 38.5" tall.

Their eye sight was great and Tyler impressed the doctor by writing her whole name- TYLER. Harper has the "H" down and a few other letters so she shyly showed off a few of her skills too.

Both screamed louder than I have ever heard with their shots today (and I did not even give them all of them so not looking forward to going back in a few weeks for the rest!) But they were quick to cheer up with some stickers.

Happy 4.

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