Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

Tis the season for non stop action... hence the lack of blog posts! We have had the best time counting down to Christmas this year with fun family activities. We have bounced between playdates, birthday parties & cookie decorating parties. We have spent tons of time driving around in the car at dark listening to Christmas tunes and looking at all of the fun holiday lights. Its one of Court's favorite things to do and has even prompted a new word... Ho Ho for Santa.

The girls preschool Christmas play last week
They did such a good job & it was so cute seeing our little angels perform!

Court's best gal leighton turned 2, somehow this is the only picture we took from her fun gym party. Harper has the class monkey for the week then next week is Tyler. Monkey George has to go everywhere & be photographed... hmm, mommy pressure?!? Sure hope we can keep up with him for 2 more weeks!

Then Court moved onto buddy Ben's super cute train party.
He was in heaven!!!
This kid loves a choo choo.

All Aboard!
More cute pictures here on ben's mom's blog.
Fun that Court & Ben are in preschool together
and I went to preschool with his mom way back when...

Up next Carson's cookie decorating party!

Tyler was all about this party!!!

Harper loved it!

Court just chilled and took in some sugar!

Yummy, sugar-topped, precious 4 year old over-decorated cookies!

And this is the scene at the house these days...
Gray area is our old basement... everything else has been torn down, what?
Our "remodel" is now going to be a brand new everything house.
We have to get a whole new foundation due to a lot of technical not fun, time consuming stuff! Lets get the show on the road!!!

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