Friday, December 2, 2011

Here we go...

So, what a week! A very eventful week. A class party, decorating the house for Christmas, surviving the new "attitude" that comes with being almost 4 (times 2), oh and they tore our house down....

Happy 4!
Party #2 at school


Mommy and her 4 year olds!


Now onto decorating the tree... We started Sunday night and 5 days later I would say we are nearly finished. I love getting everything decorated early so we all have the whole month to enjoy the Christmas magic!

Court hard at work.

The girls were so excited to help this year.

Up next getting a few inches trimmed off the little man's hair. I was trying so hard to go with the cool surfer dude long locks but with his preppy demeanor we decided at 22 months he did not need shoulder link hair so off it went!
I just love that little profile!

I'm cool, train in hand.

And finally the house started. Yes, the house we moved out of THREE months ago is just now starting. But we are grateful, excited and ready for the next 8 months to breeze by so we are back in our house!!!
Moving Day, late August 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friday, December 2, 2011
The kids & Dad at our old front door.
The part still standing in the back was the hold up with permitting therefore it is staying.

Sure wish it went up as fast as it went down!
House blog to come when I can find the time.
(Email me if you know me & want the link!)

Now onto Party #3 & #4 this weekend....


Craig McIntosh said...

You know I want the house blog Elizbeth!!! Happy, Happy 4th Birthday to the girls!!!

Anonymous said...

post the house blog

Maggie said...

I want the house blog!!