Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Countdown!!!

Here we go... just about 24 hours until the kiddies will be nestled in their beds dreaming of sugarplums and waiting for ol' saint nick to leave some goodies for them. We are so excited!! We have been keeping busy with lots of Christmas fun this week.... a few highlights below.

Singing Bears show

Mesmerized by the singing bears.
Sweet Court clapped after each song.

Working with Daddy.

Daddy & Harper taking an important call!

Future CEO.

Then Ebby & Poppy took the kids to the CCC Party. Not many photos because they were chasing the sugar filled kids around.
Harper & Court with the magic elf!

Court has NEVER met a sweet he did not like!

Tyler & Poppy doing art.
Tyler's day is not complete without a solid 2+ hours of art a day!

Then up next was the Pilon kids dance party... brilliant idea & all 3 absolutely loved it. A DJ, some lights, a smoke machine and some cake and it was a huge success.
Getting their groove on!

Ebby dancing with the kids.

Katie, Harper & Tyler

Our little drummer boy.
Still high-steppin'

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