Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cabin Fever!!!

All of the partying we have done has gotten all of us a little run down... everyone has a tiny cold so we have been mostly housebound since Monday.... A trip to the doctor to confirm it is just a cold at the start of the week and then a brief attempt at school yesterday for the girls led to a call to pick them up due to uncontrollable bloody noses. That ended with a trip to the ENT where we barely escaped a cauterized nose vessel (not fun for a 4 year old so we are attempting alternatives!) So we decided to just chill at home ALL day! Mom got all the Christmas cards addressed and started the homemade favors for our annual Cookies & Milk party this weekend. The kids caught up on lots of Christmas movies and enjoyed a day in pj's! It was just what we needed but certainly has caused a bit of cabin fever! Cannot wait to escape in the morning.

Here are the girls hanging out in our new Laundry room sink.
Yes we are weird & earthy.
But it is going to be oh so cool!

Someone was not happy about the entrapment!
Get me outta here.

And an update on the house blog... yep, on hold until after the Holidays! Stay tuned...

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