Thursday, March 1, 2012

Back in Action!

Finally, everyone is healthy over here. We enjoyed a full week of school and the camera is fixed. Hooray! Top that off with some wonderful spring weather and we have been having a pretty great week over here.

Early morning squeeze!
Breaking News: Tyler & Harper do not 100% match hardly ever anymore. Never thought this day would come... It actually makes it easier on Court as he is starting to be able to tell them apart.

Why hello Spring! I think I saw 80 degrees today.
Short sleeves & Ice cream.




Court, can you smile for Mommy?
Sweet boy!

And look closely in the monitor, you will see two brunettes on the floor having a camp out in their sleeping bags because they wanted to "hold hands to go to sleep." Wonder what brought this on... enter the below email home from their teacher and a lecture from Mom about how important it is to love your sister. I think they got the message.

Email from the girls teacher:
I don't know if the girls have commented about me separating them to play recently but I have had to do that.
Generally they get along so well but each of them is becoming more aware of likes, dislikes, and "not" giving in all of the time.
Tues. on the playground G and Tyler ( I think) had an altercation over the broom so I asked G to play on her own and let the twins have some time together. 5 min. later the twins were fighting over a dish so I sent each of them to play separately. All was well
Today, Harper hit Tyler in the eye/ eye brow and told me Tyler made her mad but could not tell me why so she sat out for about 4 min. until she was ready to play. Both girls fussed a little over toys in the room.
Maybe a break from each other would help a little. They may be a bit tired of each other and are determined to stand up for their own rights.
Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. This is NOT major, but is unusual behavior for them at school.

And the house... good weather = lots of work!

Getting there!


Donna said...

My twins, too, had problems from time to time....but the rest of it, they were best friends and still are. About once a year they would say "I want my own room, I can't stand him!". I'd say "we'll think about it". Then they would get over it and be OK. I will say that once they started school, they were always in separate classes which kept the competition to a minimum.
Your girls will be fine...parent isn't always easy, huh? But they sure are CUTE!
They house looks like it will be wonderful!

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