Friday, March 23, 2012

Take 3!

We are all hopeful that the third time is the charm! Poor Court had to have yet another set of ear tubes put in yesterday. After chronic ear infections since tube set #2 just 5 months ago, we decided to be proactive and get this little guy's ears working properly so that he will hopefully be able to hear and talk soon. A new doctor and titanium tubes are hopefully the right move. Fingers crossed!

Seriously... again???

Giggles withe Daddy before surgery.
Everything went well and he barely even fussed after coming out of anesthesia.
Hours later he was back to himself running wild.

We all went over to the house late afternoon to check out the progress...
Lots of action there this week... 2 huge trees had to be removed since they were in pretty bad shape from foundation work. Lots of excitement for our truck loving boy.

Standing on what once was their beloved tree where they each spent many afternoons swinging away as a baby.

So, we decided to keep 2 huge trunk pieces and use them as a base for a new outdoor table for the backyard. Girls loved that we were keeping some of their favorite tree.

Progress... next up brick!

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Ali said...

Sweet Court-man! Fingers crossed! The house looks great!