Thursday, March 29, 2012

terrible TWO's

Yep, its official... our angel child has officially hit the dreaded terrible 2's. I don't even remember the girls at 2 being like this (probably a little distracted with a newborn at home) but I certainly remember the girls terrible 3's (which no one tells you about)! After blaming it on ear infections or new teeth I have come to realize that it is just the terrible 2's.

Here are some phone pictures over the past few weeks to document the lovely behavior of our once sweet Court...

Thanks for the hershey kiss mom... I decided to smear it all over my face then take off my shoes and make sure it was covering each toe.

Time Out.
Court pouts and puts his head down. His tantrums are generally quiet thank goodness but I see quite a lot of the top of his head these days.

Hmmm, let me eat this chalk mom just told me not to put in my mouth then spit it out and paint with it...

Unattended for a brief 2 minutes while getting the girls ready for school... climbed up on a chair, found a marker, created a masterpiece and then Mom made him pose in front of his creation. He felt pretty bad about this one. Glad we are in our rental house for most of the terrible 2's!

Can you tell what he did here?
Pretty sure this was done on purpose because mom was about to put Court in a cute smocked bunny outfit... Court has certainly not done this since he was 2 weeks old.

Terrible 2's go away and bring back our sweet boy!!!

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