Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A little update...

So, what's new? We have been enjoying the pretty weather and lots of family time. The girls have been very loving lately and we have been working hard to point out each of their strengths (that are very different!). Tyler is the artist- our "student" always talking about kindergarten (even though that is almost 2 years away), writing letters non stop, preferring to do math programs on the ipad and always asking how to spell things. Harper is our free spirt- the party planner extroidinaire. She loves dressing herself and always adds a little flair to her ensemble whether it is upside down sunglasses or rainbow striped socks. We realized that some of the "fighting" lately was simply realizing that they are different. Harper being left handed makes for a lot of frustration when it comes to writing and she simply gives up and says Tyler is better at letters. Tyler gets annoyed when she is not allowed to come to one of Harper's parties until it is totally set up and just right. Oh the joys of having daughters born two minutes apart. And well Court is just being Court. Quiet as a mouse not saying much these days which is stressing us out. Super smiley and super cuddly with Mommy, super cool with Daddy giving fist bumps and doing boy stuff. Holding his own with her sisters signing "no" by moving his hand back and forth when he does not want to do something. He got a thumbs up from his teacher today for being aggressive and standing up for himself at school. So looks like our softie may be turning tough guy. Stay tuned....

Sweet Sisters!

Sweet Court


"Mom I need a haircut"

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