Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sprinkler fun!

For about the past 10 days we have either started or ended our day running through the sprinkler. The early spring weather has been such a treat and this is by far our favorite activity these days. I need to video tape it soon because the shrills of joy as they run through the cool water are precious. I think Court's squeal can be heard around the whole neighborhood in its high pitched shriek when he gets sprayed.



So fun!!!

Yea for Spring!

Splish Splash.

Big boy.

And we had a fun surprise on this day... 2 baby squirrels. "Twins" as the girls called them. Don't worry, we did not touch them. After a call to a local squirrel specialist (thank you google) we learned that the mom will let the babies learn how to hunt for food on their own and come back and get them when it gets dark. The kids loved seeing them and still ask where the squirrels are every time we go in the backyard.
Dad with his bucket and glove in case the squirrel got crazy! ha.

Baby squirrel.

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